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We, at Installment Loans Canada, understand how important the privacy of our borrowers is. We have installed the most pragmatic and foolproof security software that protects and monitors the confidentiality of our database 24/7. Our hardworking IT professionals keep the software in top condition forever by updating it regularly.

When our borrowers apply for loans after bankruptcy like the poor credit personal loans, we provide them with their unique login id and password. The secret password is set by the borrowers themselves, and it helps in protecting their accounts from the access of unscrupulous third parties. We also advise our borrowers to keep their login information in safe custody. We also recommend changing of the password at least once so that no unscrupulous element gets successful in accessing your account.

We, at Installment Loans Canada, never sell or share the personal information of the borrowers for monetary gains. We do use the details when we negotiate with the lenders for choosing the best loan offer for our clients.

We also utilize the confidential information from the database for informing the borrowers about the various improvements that we make in our services. We strive to provide lucrative opportunities to our clients all the time.

Get detailed knowledge about the poor credit personal loans and loans after bankruptcy without disclosing your identity on our website. In other words we do not collect personal details from the visitors of our website. We ask for information only when you choose to avail our services. Even in this case we ask for the bare minimum and essential information.