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Poor Credit Personal Loans

The time, when poor credit score and ratings were obstacles to getting lucrative cash assistance is passé. Our poor credit personal loans will help you in getting ample funds without bothering about your credit report. We, at Installment Loans Canada, do not have our borrowers go through credit checks for getting approvals.

You are assured of an approval if you are living in Canada permanently. You are not less than 18 years of age. You are working, earning at least $1000 (CAD) per month and a holder of a checking bank account.

Apply for these loans and get any amount approved that bridges your cash deficit and is also suitable in the context of your repayment capability. We will get you repayment period that is matching with the actual time you need for making the repayment without any strain on your budget. You will be free to utilize the loan sum for any kinds of expenses of your choice.

Our Apply Now page has the application form that you can submit any time of the day. You should give us the complete details in the form, and we will reply to it in 2-3 hours' time.

We, at Installment Loans Canada, assure you that we will keep your data well protected. Our website is secured with advanced software.

While applying for poor credit personal loans, do not bother to accompany the application form with your documents. Our loans are fax less.

Our poor credit personal loans are available through a very simple application process. These loans require neither pledging collateral nor going through credit checks.